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Why are we called “Sophia Health Institute®“?

“Sophia” is the Greek translation of the very word Jesus used in his Aramaic mother language - to express both love and wisdom. We at Sophia, are committed to strive to the best of our ability, to treat our patients only in ways, that reflect Medical wisdom and unconditional love.

The Sophia Health Institute aims at being the fulfillment of the vision of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt and his understanding of the 5 levels of healing.

The 1st level – the physical level – is examined using a solid physical exam, conventional lab work and imaging studies. Treatment options include herbs, vitamins, medical drugs, osteopathic and chiropractic work, physical therapy, colon hydrotherapy and others.
The 2nd level – the energy body – is evaluated with A.R.T. (Autonomic Response Testing). Treatment includes neural therapy, acupuncture, color- and laser therapy, frequency specific microcurrent and energetic bodywork.
The 3rd level - the realm of the psyche and the spirit. Injury on this level includes childhood trauma, unresolved conflicts and issues in the higher realms: past lives, ancestral issues and more. Treatments offered at Sophia Health Institute includes Dr. Klinghardt’s own “Mental Field Therapy”,” Psychokinesiology”, regular “Family Constellation” and traditional counseling.
The 4th level - the transpersonal level. We evaluate this level with a special form of A.R.T. that has been carefully introduced at Sophia during the last years. We focus on working with the genogram, with mirrors, lasers and other tools to penetrate into the origins of illness on this level.
The 5th level - the spirit - belongs between our client and God. No therapist has the right to work on this level.

Meet our team

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD-PhD (Supervising and treating Medical Doctor, Scientific Researcher, Educator, author, musician)
Gaylene Adams, ARNP-c (Medical Director)
Dr. Deborah L’Estrange, DC  (“Advanced A.R.T.” practitioner)
Sharon Mueller, PA-C (Genetics and Dr.Klinghardt Patient Support)
Kim Yri, RN (Infusion Therapy)
Karen King, RN (Infusion Therapy)
Dr. Aleksandr Schastilivy (Manual & Craniosacral Therapy)
Kim Dines, PT (Cranial and Visceral Work, Physical therapy)
Minerva Henson LAC (Acupuncture, Frequency Specific Microcurrent, Energy Medicine)
Heather Halliday, NTP, LMP (Nutritionist and Bodywork)
Kim Todd, Colon Hydrotherapist, yoga instructor, patient educator
Paul Tomita, LMT, CMLDT (Trager and Sophia Matrix Bodywork)
Ellen Daulerio, Health Coach
Provider Supportive Staff: Nina Couch & Terry Enriques
Reception & Patient Care Coordinators: Lisa Gearhart & Stefanie Hooker