Chronic Illness

Our Approach

Our clients see long-lasting results because we use cutting-edge treatments, but also because we provide personal care and attention to each patient. Our staff makes sure every person feels comfortable, safe, and understood, and this level of care is what leads to such great results.

The 4 Pillars Of Treating Chronic Illness

If you're dealing with chronic illness, you might be skeptical of new treatment methods. It's natural to wonder what makes Sophia Health Institute® better than other clinics and treatment methods you've tried.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt explains the 4 pillars of treating chronic illness that we employ at Sophia Health Institute®.

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Experts On Treating Chronic Illness.

You’ll receive treatment from one of the world’s leading experts on treating chronic illness. Sophia Health Institute® is the home of Dr. Klinghardt, one of the world’s leading specialists in treating chronic illness. Dr. Klinghardt is the founder and medical director of the clinic and he has dedicated his life to research and innovation in the field of chronic illness.

Hub Of Research and Innovation.

Practitioners from around the world have traveled far and wide to learn directly from Dr. Klinghardt. Sophia Health Institute® is more than just a treatment center. It is the hub of research and innovation in finding new, effective methods for treating the root causes of chronic illness. Techniques and methods created at SHI have revolutionized the way chronic illness is treated around the world.

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Dedicated Attention From Our Provider Team.

You’ll receive dedicated attention from a team of doctors and healthcare professionals who will give you the best treatment plan available. Dr. Klinghardt and the doctors at Sophia Health Institute® are committed to training future leaders in the field of chronic illness. Patients travel from around the world to get treated by Dr. Klinghardt’s staff because they know of the great work Sophia Health Institute® is performing in the field of chronic illness.

Personalized Care.

You’ll get personalized care, attention, and support from a team of specialists who understand how you feel and have experience treating your symptoms. Our team is specially trained in helping you in all aspects of your healing. All of our doctors are very closely connected with Dr. Klinghardt. Dr.Klinghardt personally trains each doctor in administering best assessment protocols so they can find the missing links in your treatment to give you the support you’ve been searching for.

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Innovative Treatment Methods & Practices.

You will always be first in line for innovative, cutting edge treatment methods and practices. That’s because we are constantly inviting experts to visit the clinic or lecture so we can learn more about the field of chronic illness. We’re dedicated to taking the latest research and putting that in the treatment protocols of our patients. This means you don’t have to wait as long as others to try out new healing protocols.

Root Cause Resolution.

You’ll get an in-depth treatment plan that targets the root cause of your illness, NOT just your symptoms. Oftentimes, you don’t just have Lyme disease, mold illness, heavy metals, a root canal, or unhealed trauma. We look at your illness in the context of the whole system so we can uncover as much as possible to understand why you haven’t made progress in the past with other treatment methods. We will do this before prescribing a new treatment plan to you.

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Treatments Unavailable Elsewhere.

You get access to different treatment methods that other clinics don’t offer. Depending on your treatment plan, you’ll get an opportunity to try different healing methods from our extensive list of treatment options.

Work With A Warm, Loving & Caring Team.

We offer a warm, loving, and caring treatment facility full of people who will listen to you, empathize with you, and do everything their power to help you through this tough and trying experience.

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