Sophia Health Institute

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathy’s goal is to treat the whole person, as an individual, from the inside out – integrating mind, body and spirit.

Patients are taken care of from birth through to the end of life with the best of Medicine - a mix of herbal remedies and vitamins, conventional medical drugs when needed and traditional European Medicine. This includes homeopathy, neural therapy, the use of liver flushes and castor oil packs, the use of hot and cold baths and sauna therapy, manual therapies, the use of pulsed magnetic fields and microcurrent.

IV Therapies

We use many forms of biological intravenous therapies, including ozone, intravascular laser therapy and intravenous nutrition.

Joint and Back Problems

We offer a unique approach to joint and back problems without the use of opiates and other addictive substances.

Our Approach to Care and Treatment

We offer an accurate and unique way of interpreting your lab results, your medical history and your imaging results. We give you a competent physical, nutritional, hormonal and dental evaluation and base our recommendations on the data obtained during the visits.

And before all of that, we listen to you and work on a treatment plan together with you, in a cooperative way. Whenever possible, we will use natural approaches to your health. That includes our method of treating Lyme disease and chronic fatigue, sleep and digestive issues, chronic pain, the premature signs of ageing and more.

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