Family Constellation with Dr Klinghardt

Sunday, October 8, 2023
10 am - 6 pm
Sophia Health Institute
Woodinville, Washington, United States.
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In this special one day workshop Dr Klinghardt will lead the course participants to a deeper understanding of how their illness or un-wellness is so often and largely a consequence of unhealed wounds in the distant past, often several generations back.

Using Bert Hellinger’s constellation work and bringing a heartful healing intent to children, parents, partners – and their deceased ancestors – major shifts in health and wellbeing, perception, and understanding are possible. Family Constellation work forms a key part of the 5 Levels of Healing® and is designed to work on issues such as:

  • Chronic infections
  • Long-term illnesses
  • Emotional issues

Our level of physical and emotional health is largely dependent on the level and amount of energy that is available to us. Physical energy is created by what we eat, breathe, drink and how we move our bodies.

The consensus reality tells us that our emotional and psychological wellness is a result of what we think, what we have learned, experienced and suffered, plus how we interpret our lives. But our system is also invisibly and constantly infused with – and nurtured by – the energy we receive from our ancestors in ways we do not understand yet. The Japanese call it Ki, the Chinese Chi. The flow of Ki that is available to us from our parents, no matter if they are alive or deceased, is dependent on our ability to open up to them, how much we can respect or honour them.

Traumatic childhood experiences, misunderstandings and the consequences of neglect, blame and lack of forgiveness stand in the way of embracing the simple love of our parents, grandparents and our more distant ancestors. The Constellation is guided through questions and statements, in a direction to initiate change and healing.

What to expect

Sometimes the results are immediate and life changing. Alternatively there can be an initiated shift that starts slowly and then gathers momentum for change. We repeatedly receive feedback on how the wider family of the person who initiated the constellation have felt a meaningful transformation or positive difference. Other members of the group can also experience effects despite not being the actual person being constellated.

NOTE: Price is approx $199 depending on exchange rate.

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