Teresa Luttrell understands first-hand the challenges faced on the healing journey. After a tick bite in 1975 she experienced 30 years of unidentified health issues. After ‘hitting the wall’ she was finally diagnosed in 2006, Teresa spent a few years in treatment elsewhere before becoming a patient of Dr. Klinghardt, whose treatment methods worked. Now 95% recovered, Teresa is an ardent believer in the Sophia Method and is passionate about preparing new patients for success.

After recovering her health in 2009, Teresa developed Enliven Bed and Breakfast, a chemical-free, mold-free, low EMF B&B, an idea that started to show up in dreams while she was ill. After getting Enliven up and running Teresa went back to school and completed a Master’s Degree in Consciousness Studies, studying philosophy, spirituality, psychology, mind/body medicine, quantum physics and the mystical traditions of many of the world’s religions. She joined Sophia Health Institute as New Patient Coordinator in 2015.

Teresa enjoys traveling, unraveling mysteries, singing on mountain tops, inner inquiry, and time spent with her kids. She’s a born storyteller with a love of writing that may—someday—become an actual book.