Dr. Boyd began her journey into Naturopathic Medicine with the goal of being a primary care pediatric physician. Early into her 2nd year at Bastyr University, she was invited by Dr. Christine Schaffner to join to the clinic as a preceptor, and soon after started studying with Dr. Klinghardt.  As she grew through her studies, it became apparent to her that there are an overwhelming number of children with chronic illnesses, and this impassioned her to focus on autism and pediatric neurological conditions.  During her residency with Dr. Klinghardt she found an additional pull to work with patients of all ages, especially those with very challenging diagnoses.  Dr. Boyd also has a deep love for all things physical medicine. She received her Massage Therapy License at the age of 21 and has studied Kiniep Hyrdrotherapy in Germany as well as Cranioscral and Visceral Manipulation. Additional advanced courses studied while during at her time at Bastyr include Oncology, IV Therapy, Injection Techniques, SOT and DAT. She has also studied with Dr. Michael Smith, DC, in Cranio Biotic Technique.