Although trained as a primary care physician at Bastyr University, graduating in 2016 as a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, and previously earning a Bachelor of science in Nutrition from SDSU, Matthew’s drive for health knowledge lead him to endeavor in many extracurricular studies along his path to better understand additional approaches to effectively treat complex illness.  He has studied eastern approaches through learning Hoshindo, a Japanese meridian Apitherapy technique based on five element acupuncture, as well as various forms of energetic and physical medicine through seeking training in qi gong, shamanism, craniosacral, and reiki to name some.  He joined Sophia Health Institute in November 2017 and is functioning as resident physician to Dr. Klinghardt.

His uniqueness as a naturopathic doctor is highlighted by his empathy for individuals who have misplaced their sense of health in the various levels of the human condition.  Matthew’s devotion is to each patient, to each individual, to strive to meet them where they are, to provide them the most therapeutic care in his power in each moment.  He understands that the chronically ailing patient is not only enduring the ultimate journey of pursuing their vibrant health, they are faced with the challenging decision making process of navigating through the diverse naturopathic and holistic approaches to chronic disease they are exposed to.  He strives to guide the clinical decision making process while maintaining his passion about empowering each patient’s inner healing journey.  He enjoys providing hands on treatment modalities where he utilizes his multiple disciplined based background and training to employ knowledge, experience, and wisdom of the recovery process to provide the safest possible space for healing work to unfold.  He believes that chronic disease can be viewed as a lack of freedom within the condition of how each person is experiencing their body and the environment around them; which has ultimately manifested from genetic, environmental, physical and emotional disturbances.  He feels that the growing numbers of chronic disease is a function of our society’s and cultural deviation from the natural laws inherent to our symbiotic relationship with the planet.  Getting back to these inherent principles that govern all of life; such as healthy communities, clean water, clean food, clean environment, is at the core of our collective work; a process where we are given an opportunity to remember who we are, as individuals, and a population.  “The greatest gift  is granted when we, as individuals are free to experience our world in proper health and alignment of our mind and body- let us not take this for granted.”

He is passionate about giving hands on treatments and developing protocols for complex situations.  He values

being a versatile practitioner where he is comfortable providing different roles depending on the situation (IE counselor, homeopath, acupuncturist, body worker, problem solver).  He adheres to naturopathic principles in personal life, “walks the talk,” and enjoys writing, Bee keeping, Yoga, spa medicine Pillates, sports , Medicine making, healthy cooking, and likes to create recipes.