As a recent graduate of Bastyr University, Marit was trained as a primary care physician with an emphasis in craniosacral, physical medicine, dermatology and minor procedures.  Through her clinical training and preceptorships, she discovered that Lyme has become more common in the patients she saw which lead her down the road to becoming “Lyme Literate” – still a big work in progress.  She has completed almost 400 hours or precepting through various clinical settings including in a rural clinic in Nicaragua, a hospital in Nepal, a small clinic in Maine and locally, as well as volunteering with a non-profit serving Seattle’s low-income and Tent City populations.  


She is quite excited to be the resident physician to Dr. Klinghardt where she will learn the art of ART to better serve her patient population.  


When she is not in office, you can find her tending to her organic garden, getting her “dog fix” in by walking neighbors’ dogs through the woods, hiking through the hills of the PNW or diving the depths of the ocean.