Dr. Grushon understands what it’s like to endure chronic illness all too well. She has spent decades battling her own health issues which received blanket diagnoses of CFS/ME, Autoimmunity, Fibromyalgia, among others. Left without adequate assessment and treatment, she began researching & gaining knowledge wherever she could. She finally worked with a DO (doctor of osteopathic medicine) that diagnosed her more appropriately with Lyme and coinfections, mold illness, heavy metal toxicity, and viruses. This experience inspired her to pursue a career in osteopathic medicine, which she did. However, the universe had different plans for her. She learned of naturopathic medicine and knew without a doubt, that was her true calling. She made the decision to leave osteopathic medical school and begin naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University. She moved from Ohio to Washington without knowing a single soul yet having faith that it was the right decision.

Having MCS her entire life and being regarded as a “canary in a coalmine” has been no small challenge either. However, her outlook on her own sensitivities changed over time; once seen as her weakness, are now seen as a strength. Rather than be embarrassed of sensitivities, she embraces them. Without them, she would never fully grasp what so many of her patients go through on a daily basis. Dr. Jenn comes from a place of empathy and pure compassion for those on their own journey with chronic illness.

Much wisdom and strength has been gained by overcoming many adversities in her lifetime. Dr. Jenn’s ongoing wish is to hold a safe, secure place for each of her patients. A place where they feel heard and supported, while receiving expert tailored medical care.

Dr. Grushon completed a 2 year intensive residency working alongside Dr. Klinghardt, learning ART and his protocols. She is ART certified and implements knowledge gained from Dr. Klinghardt along with her own experience in the treatment of infections and chronic disease.

Prior to joining Sophia Health Institute, Dr. Grushon had a private practice in Seattle focusing on complex illness. She also held a managerial position as lead practitioner at a local integrative pharmacy. To maintain a balanced life, she connects to nature as much as possible. She enjoys mushroom hunting for choice edibles, cooking organic meals, playing tennis, and doing lots of yoga!