Dr. Ko-Lee was inspired to pursue medicine seeing firsthand how natural therapies were able to provide relief for her grandmother’s chronic illness when conventional medicine could not. Her grandmother suffered from a severe case of full-body eczema that even the best medicines from medical doctors could not control. Feeling desperate, she pursued alternative forms of healing such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicines. This ended up making the biggest difference and alleviated a lot the suffering her grandmother was experiencing. From this experience, Dr. Ko-Lee recognized the limitation with the current medical model and was interested in finding a career that combined the best of western science and natural therapies. This is how she learned about naturopathic medicine. 

Dr. Ko-Lee graduated from the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011. She received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Calgary in Biological Sciences with a minor in Religious Studies. During her medical studies, she committed herself to finding the best teachers in the field and was introduced to Dr. Klinghardt in 2010. She is a certified Klinghardt practitioner and currently assists with local workshops teaching fellow practitioners how to become proficient with Autonomic Response Testing. 

Through Dr. Klinghardt and his Five Levels of Healing, Dr. Ko-Lee learned about Family Constellations Therapy.  This has been pivotal for her development not only as a practitioner but also for her personal growth. Dr. Ko-Lee values integrity and is a firm believer in “healer heal thyself”. She’s learned from master facilitators in the field such as Anngwyn St Just, Stephen Hausner, Francesca Mason Boring, Claire Zammit and others so that she can continue empowering others. 

Since moving to Seattle, Dr Ko-Lee’s main practice focus has been treating chronic complex illness. She holds a deep healing capacity which allows patients to feel heard, learn about the barriers to health, and have confidence navigating through their healing process. Dr. Ko-Lee understands that the body is extremely resilient and has a tremendous ability to heal. Her role as a physician is about detecting and removing all the factors that block this ability so that her patients can enjoy freedom, vitality, and joy in their life.  

Dr. Ko-Lee is excited to be part of Sophia Health team and to continue supporting patients on their journey to health and wellness.