Is your health a battlefield?

Yes. (And you may not be winning.)


Here are just SOME of the valuable topics covered in the membership:

  • Therapeutic Strategies in Recovering from Chronic Illness
  • The Extracellular Matrix and Lymphatic System
  • Deep Dive on Detoxification
  • Biophysics
  • RetroViruses
  • The Dangers of EMFs and How To Protect Yourself (Electromagnetic Frequencies)
  • Special Membership Q&A
  • We have also added NINETEEN powerful trainings from the Heavy Metals Summit!
  • You ALSO get access to our Brain Masterclass! Your brain is probably the most sensitive organ in your body and it can be affected by an almost limitless number of outside (and inside) influences. This is your Masterclass for clear thinking and brain boosting health!
  • Finally, you are invited to join our private, peer-mentored Facebook Group for members.

We Have Made This Series Intentionally Affordable To Truly Impact Your Health Journey!

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Each of these trainings is yours to keep and use over time, to implement in your life.

  • All Video Trainings
  • The AUDIO Recordings for each module
  • Slides and Other Supporting Materials
  • And The Transcripts
  • And we are constantly adding more cutting-edge trainings.

This membership offers our newest information and insights on your body, your immunity, infections, environmental toxicants, and the protocols we use with our actual patients at the Sophia Health Institute.

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