Clinic Locations

Sophia Health Institute® is part of the Sophia Health Network, with clinics in Seattle and Marin County.

Woodinville, WA

The Sophia Method is designed to provide you with the most advanced medical techniques available today, the greatest amount of care, and the highest level of support possible so you can feel great again.

To speak with one of our New Patient Coordinators on an informational phone call, please complete the form on the right, and our patient care team will reach out to you.

This initial call is the first step in your journey back to health. During the call, we will answer any questions you may have and help you decide whether treatment through the Sophia Health Institute® is the best course of action for you.

Marin County, CA

Marin Naturopathic Medicine is a holistic clinic located in Marin County, California. The clinic was started by Dr. Louisa Williams, author of Radical Medicine: Profound Intervention in a Profoundly Toxic Age. Dr. Williams has relocated to Austin, Texas and the clinic was taken over by Dr. Christine Schaffner.

Dr. Schaffner is the Clinic Director at Sophia Health Institute (Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s clinic in Woodinville, Washington) and has always felt the need to bring the medicine practiced at SHI to the Bay area. We are honored to continue the legacy of Dr. Williams work in Marin and combine it with the Sophia approach.