For the chronic health patient healing psychological and emotional trauma from the past can be an important step on the journey towards health. In the Klinghardt 5 Level model this step can be taken with Level 4 interventions such as Psycho-Neuro Biology, Family Constellation, Hypnotherapy and Trans Somatic Dialogue.

What is a Level IV Intervention?

According to Dr Klinghardt: “all life events are stored in the mental field. Unresolved issues create a permanent disturbance in the field […] these abnormal signals produce abnormal neuropeptides and abnormal electrical currents that reach the hypothalamus. From here signals travel into the autonomous nervous system to distinct target organs, which […] lead to chronic illness and pain.”

Put simply, when we experience trauma early in life, at a time when we do not have the internal resources to process them, they are stored within the unconscious where they will often continue to exert an adverse effect upon our bodies and behaviors for up to decades after the original event has taken place.

Over and over again we can find ourselves facing the same situation unable to change course because every intervention fails to address the issue at the appropriate level. In this way employing a Level 4 intervention is one of the most effective ways of healing these disturbances and finally bringing them to rest.

Family Constellation

Family Constellation is an effective means of revealing the hidden family dynamics that have given rise to physical illnesses and psycho-emotional imbalances not only in the immediate family of origin but sometimes even farther back up the ancestral line. Traditionally the work is facilitated in a group where individuals are chosen by you to represent your family of origin in a way that reveals the hidden dynamics that have given rise to illness and dis-ease. In this way, Family Constellation requires the largest number of participants, but the least active participation by the client.

Trans Somatic Dialogue

This process is undertaken one-on-one with a patient who is guided into a somatized state in which they are sensitized to the body so that healing can be brought to traumas dating back to early childhood. For clients who are able to maintain a stable awareness of their bodies during the session this modality is very effective at healing the psycho-emotional roots of hidden trauma.

Psycho-Neuro Biology

A similar methodology with a few key differences, Psycho-Neuro Biology does not require the patient to engage as much in the process because it takes place almost entirely with the help of Autonomic Response Testing (ART) and the skills of the practitioner. This can be especially useful in the case of patients experiencing fatigue or brain fog, or in the case of trauma that took place even before the patient was born. Here the mind is entirely by-passed so that the body (or soma) can be addressed directly.

Behavioral Psychotherapy

Once healing the original trauma has taken place working with certain forms of modern psychotherapy can be an extremely important to resolve the adaptive strategies that were developed over the years to accommodate the trauma. Without addressing these behaviors, they will often continue to run the patterns of the wound, despite the healing that has taken place. Like going to a Chiropractor to heal a bad posture caused by an uncomfortable chair, but never replacing the chair. These behaviors can include our attachment style in relationships which refers to our ability to balance our self-respect with our care for our partners, our conflict styles, or our ability to engage in disagreements in a safe, healthy and productive way.

Which Is Right For You?

Having these modalities available to a practitioner is particularly valuable because it offers several approaches to support a wide range of clients. For example, patients who have difficulty speaking or concentrating might prefer Psycho Neuro Biology because it requires far less input from the patient. On the other hand, if a patient is in a state of contraction then Trans Somatic Dialogue might be preferred due to its ability to release powerful emotions that may have been locked inside the body for years. On the other hand, if the trauma is particularly sensitive then Family Constellation might be preferred so that the client can see the dynamics unfold in front of them without having to play a significant part in the process.

One thing to note is that as strong as these interventions can be, as powerful as the emotional releases that we experience can seem, they are often only one important piece among several that have given rise to a particular symptom. Maintaining as comprehensive a perspective as possible and returning to the 5 Levels of the Klinghardt system, is always recommended.

Zachary Feder works with Sophia Health Institute offering sessions in person, via Skype and over the phone.