At Sophia Health Institute® we specialize in the treatment of chronic disease, specifically chronic infections that result in chronic disease. Dr. Klinghardt has developed a specific treatment model throughout his 40 years of practice for the first level of treatment (the physical body) that outlines four aspects of treatment focus. In our treatment protocols at SHI we bring in these important pieces to each treatment protocol to ensure that we are addressing all aspects of a complex, chronic condition.

In Dr. Klinghardt’s model, the first aspect of treatment is to balance the individual’s biochemical pathways and dysregulated metabolism. This step involves replacing missing co-factors, minerals, vitamins, etc. that are depleted due to genetic, epigenetic, environmental, and other influences. This is replacement therapy and is merely helping to facilitate better functioning of the body while we address the other important aspects of chronic infections. The next step is detoxification where it is imperative to decrease body burden of whatever toxins that there has been an exposure to including heavy metals (aluminum, mercury, lead…), insecticides, pesticides, solvents, preservatives, etc. There are many different ways to approach detoxification but it is extremely important to reduce the body burden of toxins while supporting the detox pathways or emunctories and ensure that they are functioning properly. The third aspect of treatment is immune modulation. In chronic infections it is common for the immune system to be in a hyper reactive or a hypo reactive state and thus this is an essential aspect of treatment where we address the immune system’s over and under functioning. There are many tools that can be utilized to support the immune system including herbs, homeopathics, low dose immunotherapy, and more. The final aspect of chronic infection treatment is the killing aspect of treatment where we “kill the bugs” utilizing many antimicrobial techniques including herbs, IVs, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and many, many more.

The treatment of chronic infection is a complicated and involved process and requires hard work and diligence from the patient. By creating this simple model, Dr. Klinghardt has made this work more accessible and understandable to so many of our patients at SHI. As a patient here at SHI we strive to create individualized protocols that address your unique needs while always addressing the four necessary foci of chronic infection treatments.

By Dr. Alison Kerns