Extracellular Matrix & Lymphatics Online Course

Powerful Education & Therapeutic Protocols to Support Healing

The Lymphatic System is your hidden highway to health. In fact, lymph stagnation is almost always present in chronically ill individuals and supporting lymph drainage and the pathway of elimination including the extracellular matrix is a crucial part of any detox plan.

This course will help you understand how to support your body’s built-in mechanism for detoxification and optimal healing.

The Online Course taught by Dr. Schaffner & Dr. Klinghardt Includes:

Video, Audio, Transcripts and Presentation Slides for each module

Module 1: Extracellular Matrix & Lymphatics with Dr. Christine Schaffner

–Session #1 Understanding The Extracellular Matrix & Lymphatic System
–Session #2 Drainage & Pathology in the Matrix (Part 1)
–Session #3 Pathology in the Matrix (Part 2)
–Session #4 Therapeutic Strategies in the Matrix + Q&A

Module 2: Detoxification with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt

–Session #1 Toxins Affect on Your Physiology, Testing & Treatments
–Session #2 Q&A

  • All Video Trainings
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  • Slides and other supporting materials
  • And Transcripts