Eco Wi-Fi- A Safer Alternative

By Bryant Rubright


Traditional Wi-Fi routers are built as a one size fits all product. Instead of having adjustable power settings for the range it needs cover in your home, they are factory set to be grossly overpowered. This is why in an apartment building, one can often pick up dozens of different Wi-Fi signals from their neighbors. Traditional Wi-Fi routers also now have two, or in the case of Xfinity hotspot routers, four different channels. This will double or quadruple the radiation output. If that isn’t enough, traditional Wi-Fi also unnecessarily pulses 10 times a second, which disrupts brain waves.


Those who have to use Wi-Fi but are looking to reduce their exposure levels will often just put the router in a radiation guard box or put a shielded cloth over it. While this does cut the radiation levels anywhere from 50-90%, it is much like putting a paper bag over a lightbulb to reduce the brightness. It works, but it would make more sense to use a dimmer switch. Now there is a more elegant solution to Wi-Fi that does exactly this: Eco Wi-Fi.


Eco Wi-Fi routers can be purchased here from the Netherlands and have the following features:

-Available in three different models, depending on the connection speed required.

-Adjustable power settings- the signal strength can be set to the distance you need, which considerably reduces radiation exposure.

-Adjustable pulse rate- The pulse rate can be changed from 10 hertz to 1 hertz, greatly reducing much of the harmful effects of Wi-Fi.

-Manual Wi-Fi on/off switch- Just press a button and you can turn of all wireless signal, yet still use the router wired with an Ethernet cable.

-Channel settings- There are separated settings for both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz signal. Since both are not typically used at the same time, one can be turned off, reducing exposure by half. (As a side note, the 2.4 GHz channel is safer)

-Programmable timer- The router can be programed to automatically turn off during times when it isn’t used, like at night.


With all of these features combined, the harmful effects of Wi-Fi can be greatly reduced. However, while this is a much safer option, it is not completely safe. The devices you use to connect to Wi-Fi emit a signal of their own, which is often more of a problem due to the closer proximity to your body. For this reason, it is still preferred to use a hardwired connection whenever possible. With the separate wireless on off switch and multiple Ethernet ports, Eco Wi-Fi makes hardwiring fool-proof.