Electromagnetic interference (EMI), more commonly referred to as “dirty electricity”, is one of the kinds of electromagnetic exposure that we are exposed to on a daily basis.


Dirty electricity is harmful to our health, and has been linked to various diseases, even male breast cancer1. Those who are electromagnetic sensitive may notice symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, headaches, and fatigue from exposure to dirty electricity. Mitigating dirty electricity in the home is actually very easy and fairly inexpensive.


The electricity that powers our homes in an alternating current of 60 hertz in North America, or 50 hertz in Europe. Normally, this frequency should be a smooth sine wave (pictured above). Electrical appliances, fluorescent light bulbs, solar panels, and utility meters can create an interference in the sine wave, producing an erratic frequency. This erratic frequency is much more agitating to our biology, and can cause cellular and mitochondria stress, whether or not the person is sensitive and has physical symptoms.


An easy way to reduce exposure to dirty electricity is to use Stetzer or Greenwave filters.


These are adapters that are simply plugged into a regular electrical outlet in the home. They act as a reservoir for electrons, storing them, and then releasing them in a smother sine wave frequency. After installation, many people notice a sense of calmness, or a reduction in other electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms.


The number of filters needed is going to depend on the amount of dirty electricity in the home.


Ideally dirty electricity should be measured with an EMI meter. Both Stetzer and Greenwave sell their own version of a meter with ideal safety levels to use as a guideline to determine how many filters are needed. If a buying a meter is not within a person’s budget, a general guideline is one filter per room, or one filter per 100-200 square feet. The one downside to dirty electricity filters is that they create a magnetic field which is harmful in its own way. This magnetic field only protrudes a short distance from the filter, so making sure the filters are placed in areas that are at least a few feet from the body eliminates this concern.


There are some people who feel worse from using dirty electricity filters, and this is typically due to a wiring error in the home.


Some homes, usually older ones, have electrical wiring that has been done in a way that can cause the filter to generate a magnetic field throughout the wiring in the walls. This magnetic field can create significant negative symptoms, and dirty electricity filters should not be used in this situation. If this problem occurs, it needs to be addressed by a professional building biologist.

By Bryant Rubright


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