Demystifying Detox

A 90 day Mentorship with Sophia Education

Including Assessment, Drainage, Toxins and more.

Here are just SOME of the valuable topics covered in the mentorship:

  • Learn assessment protocols
  • Step-by-step easy practices to optimize elimination and reset your health!
  • Learn important techniques to optimize your detox efforts
  • Discover connections between your lifestyle and your symptoms
  • Bring your questions to Q&A calls with Dr. Schaffner and Expert Guest Lecturers (info below)
  • Learn how to minimize future exposure to toxins in your environment


World Renowned Leader on Gluten Intolerance and Best Selling Author Dr. Tom O’Bryan

“Top Tips for Detoxing Your Home and Environment

NY Times Best Selling Author, Ann Louise Gittleman

[More About Guest Lecturer]

“Bile Connection for Detox: What’s Bile Got to Do With It?”

Donna Gates, M.Ed., ABAAHP, Bestselling Author of The Body Ecology Diet

[More About Guest Lecturer]

“Colonics, Nutritional Implants and Home Enemas”

We will focus on 3 key areas, which are often missed or inadequately covered by other programs:

  • Learn New Assessment Tools
  • Understand Drainage Protocols
  • Toxins — What’s the problem? What to do about it?
  • With a Special Focus on Your Brain, Gut and Also Your Gallbladder!
  • PLUS access to 19 trainings from the Heavy Metals Summit!
  • As a member, you also get 10% off any of our products at
  • Get invited to our private, peer-mentored Facebook Group for members.
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This series is Intentionally Affordable to Truly Impact Your Health Journey

This mentorship offers our newest information and insights on detoxifying your body, your immunity, infections, environmental toxicants, and the protocols we use with our actual patients at the Sophia Health Institute.

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Each of these trainings is yours to keep and use over time, to implement in your life.

  • All Video Trainings
  • The AUDIO Recordings for each module
  • Slides and Other Supporting Materials
  • And The Transcripts

And we are constantly adding more cutting-edge trainings.

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