Careers at Sophia Health Institute®

Every case of chronic illness is unique. Our doctors understand this and it’s a big part of what drives our methodology at the Sophia Health Institute®.

About Sophia Health

Sophia HI was founded by Dietrich Klinghardt MD., a world renowned specialist in the treatment of chronic illness, particularly Lyme Disease. Our mission is to provide comprehensive, compassionate, cutting-edge treatment in a comfortable, team oriented atmosphere. Our patient’s travel from all across the world to work with us and often invest a lot of time and money into receiving care from our team.

Sophia HI is home to a team of 8 physicians and many more supportive therapy providers. We have a complex schedule, organizing not just a clinic, but also a medical spa. There are approximately 50-100 appointments per day, and we are constantly growing and evolving.

Come Join Our Team

If you are interested in working for Sophia Health Institute, please email your resume to: