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Every case of chronic illness is unique. Our doctors understand this and it’s a big part of what drives our methodology at the Sophia Health Institute®.

Addressing The True Cause Of Dis-ease

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There is an ever-increasing need for the system of medicine practiced at Sophia Health Institute®. Sophia Health Institute® accepts patients from all over the world, many struggling with chronic illness for over a decade and still searching for answers to understand why they are sick.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is Founder and Medical Director of the Sophia Health Institute®. He has created a model of medicine addressing the true cause of dis-ease that focuses on chronic infections, environmental toxicity, genetic susceptibilities, nutrition, lifestyle, and the Five Levels of Healing (link). Sophia Medicine acknowledges that we are dynamic creative beings who require a non-linear individualized approach to healing.

What Makes The Sophia Method Unique?

You might be wondering how our method is different and why it is so effective in treating chronic illness.

Here’s how the Sophia Method differs:

We don’t just look at your symptoms. We look at your entire health history and current health profile to determine the best course of action to take.

Our focus is on finding and treating the root causes of why you are ill.

That includes looking at chronic infections, environmental toxicity, dental history, epigenetics, diet, lifestyle, as well as your family system and a host of other factors that could affect your healing.

Once we perform our complete health assessment, we develop a comprehensive protocol to address every layer of health.

Every kind of treatment we prescribe is based on your own bio individuality.

Our goal at Sophia Health Institute® is that you leave the clinic with a comprehensive treatment plan that you can implement at home and move you to higher health to come up with a treatment plan you will tolerate.

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The 5 Levels Of Healing

5 Levels Of Healing

An Unconventional, But Effective System For Healing
Chronic Illness When Nothing Else Has Worked

Demystifying Lyme Disease

Demystifying Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease’s Nonspecific Symptoms Makes It Difficult To Diagnose – Discover The SHI Approach

Foundations Of Sophia Medicine

Cooperative Medicine

The doctor patient relationship is cooperative and collaborative. The doctor serves as a guide, not an authority figure to the patient.

Five Levels Healing

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s Five Levels Of Healing are integrated into each patient’s treatment protocol. These include Physical, Emotional, Mental, Intuitive, Spiritual bodies. Learn more in this 10-minute feature presentation »

International Approach

Combining both North American and European techniques to provide the most effective therapies. Dr. Klinghardt was medically trained in Germany and came to the US in 1982. He still splits his time between the United States and Europe keeping abreast to cutting edge therapies on both continents.


Biophysics is the bridge between biology and physics. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp founded the International Institute of Biophysics and invented the Biophoton theory of light. Sophia Medicine acknowledges and integrates this theory in the healing modalities available at the Institute.

Thorough History Taking & Diagnostic Assessment

Sophia physicians ask the patient a detailed history including aspects of health that even holistic providers are not trained to look at such as dental history, scar history, etc. In additional to conventional lab work, Sophia trained physicians may prescribe specialty labs including: heavy metal challenge test, stool analysis, methylation panels, food allergy testing, panoramic dental x-ray, regulation thermography, etc.

Influence of Family System

Using Applied PsychoNeurobiology and Family Constellation Therapy to identify ancestral influences that can create epigenetic influences and susceptibility to disease in the individual

Whole System Protocols

Sophia protocols often include supplements, medications, nutrition, lifestyle, as well as therapies. Therapies may include: IV therapy, Oxidative Medicine, Neural Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Colon Hyrdrotherapy, Physical Therapy, Sauna Therapy, Ionic Foot Baths, Pulse Electro-magnetic Field Therapy, Neuro-feedback, Emotional & Spiritual Counseling, and more.

3 Easy Steps To Become A Patient At Sophia Health Institute®

Step 1

Schedule an interview with our new patient coordinator to see if Sophia is right for you.

Step 2

Schedule treatments that last between 1-3 weeks at our comfortable, supportive facility.

Step 3

Continue treatment at home and follow up with the SHI team to manage your care remotely until your next visit with us.

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What Patients Are Saying About Sophia Health Institute®

“Commit 100% Because Health Isn’t A ‘Maybe’ Type of Thing…”

shi-testimonials175-woman2As you step into the care at Sophia, know it’s one of the best teams around, and you will be relentlessly guided to reach the other side. If you want to get there, you will. I’m currently still a patient at the institute, but each day I’m getting close and closer to health. The differences, even just symptomatically, from my initial step into the clinic and now is seriously night and day. I highly recommend at least checking it out, seeing if it’s right for you, and if you decide it’s what you think is best, then don’t be luke-warm about it – step in, all the way, because health isn’t a ‘maybe’ type of thing, it’s a “yes”.

“The Team At Sophia Are Great…”

JakeHealing from long-term illness is not always easy, but the team at Sophia are great guides on the sometimes long and winding road back to health. They actively seek out and use cutting edge therapies from around the world, I am so grateful for Dr. Klinghardt’s help. He is a great and life-changing healer and teacher.

“My Life Began To Change…”

shi-testimonials175-womanI have struggled for more than a decade with health challenges and worked with many doctor’s along the way. It wasn’t until I became a patient at The Sophia Health Institute® that my life began to change. For the first time, I could let go of “needing to figure it out” and let my doctors manage my treatment.

Not Sure If Sophia Health Institute® Is Right For You?

Maybe you have some questions you’d like to ask before you make a decision on becoming a patient. Our patient coordinator is standing by, happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Sophia Health Institute® is right for you.  You shouldn’t have to let another day go by wondering whether or not you’ll find answers for your illness. Schedule a call with one of our patient coordinators today to learn how we can help you:

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