BEMER Technology by Alena Zweben, ND

Patients at the Sophia Health Institute can expect to receive numerous treatments throughout the duration of their stay, each unique to our clinic and intended to shift physiology in precise ways.  Your physician will work with you to determine which adjunctive therapies are most appropriate for you and specific to your needs. These include detox strategies such as colonics, detox body wraps, and infrared sauna; body work such as manual lymphatic drainage, massage, visceral manipulation, craniosacral therapy and osteopathic manipulation; nutritional counseling and food allergy testing; and various other techniques for stabilizing the electromagnetic field and optimizing cellular function.

BEMER therapy is one such tool that we are excited to introduce at the Sophia Health Institute. The BEMER mat, located in our nutritional IV therapy room, is available for patients to utilize both before and after their intravenous injections. It is a physical treatment method that helps optimize microcirculation and distribute blood to organ tissues.

BEMER technology uses a gentle pulsed electromagnetic field to open the microcirculation by increasing the production of nitric oxide. This results in vasodilation and an increase in the rhythmic contraction of tiny venules and arterioles. These rhythmic contractions are known as vasomotion. Vasomotion supports the overall function of the heart and circulatory system. As vasomotion is stimulated, more blood flows through the capillary networks throughout the body. As capillary blood flow increases, more nutrients and oxygen are given to the cells and more waste products are removed from the cells. With this exchange, energy production is optimized.  As cellular metabolism improves, the body is better able to regulate internal organs and overall function.

A single 8 minute session on the BEMER mat has been demonstrated to increase the rate of vasomotion from a single contraction per ten-minute period (sub-optimally), to 1-2 contractions per minute.  Strong vasomotion promotes the circulation of white blood cells to tissues that are otherwise deprived of oxygen, and therefore increases immune function and quickens wound-healing time. These benefits are maintained for up to 16 hours after one session of BEMER therapy.

Speak to our physicians about the daily use of BEMER therapy. For further information about BEMER technology, watch the 30 minute webinar below.

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